Viet-Nam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH) Tuyển dụng


Project: Disability Rights Enforcement, Coordination and Therapies (DIRECT)


  1. Title:



    Location:       Binh Phuoc

    Supervisor:    Program Coordinator


  2. Background


Viet-Nam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH) ( is an international NGO based in  Virginia, USA that provide humanitarian and development assistance programs in Viet Nam since 1992. On-going projects include technical assistance to local partners in development and implementation of policies and programs related to people with disabilities and domestic non-profit organizations.  VNAH also provide vocational training and employment assistance; rehabilitation services; delivery of assistive devices for people with disabilities as well as small rural development projects and disaster relief assistance.


In October 2015, the USAID awarded VNAH a 5 year grant for a project titled “Disability Rights Enforcement, Coordination and Therapies”.  Please see the project document for more information.


This Job Description is for the INTERPRETER/ ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT involved in the above mentioned project.


C.  Primary Duties and Responsibilities


The Interpreter/Administrative Assistance will be required to translate both verbal and written material from Vietnamese to English and vise-versa. Much of the material requiring translation is of a legal and technical nature. The translations must often be done quickly and under stressful conditions. Excellent grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking ability in both languages if essential. Applicants must be familiar with and willing to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct of the American Translators Association. He/she will provide support in Binh Phuoc.




  • Binh Phuoc project:  The I/AA shall be assigned with, and provide general supervision to project assistants in Binh Phuoc as well as other project staff, interns, volunteers, consultants and others that involve in the USAID funded project.  


Program duties:

The I/AA has primary responsibility of assisting VNAH’s management in the day-to-day implementation of the project in Binh Phuoc.


General duties:


  • Report to the supervisor any and all problems associated with project implementation and performance with recommendations for appropriate responses by VNAH or others to these problems. 
  • Assist in and/or undertake preparation of correspondence, routine and ad-hoc reports to donors, press release, article, writing materials for newspapers, web-site and VNAH newsletter etc.
  • Assist VNAH management in development of new projects and proposal in related areas
  • Undertake other duties as assigned by the supervisor, including support other staff and projects of VNAH as requested.



He/she must be organized, neat, punctual, efficient, and quick, gregarious with a good sense of humor, articulate, and an excellent listener. The top applicants will be asked to come in for a personal interview. Part of the interview process will be both a written and verbal test of translation ability. Applicants should submit a cover letter with salary requirements, resume, English writing sample and Vietnamese writing sample by fax to 04.3747.3000, email: CC


VNAH is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender or disability. Qualified individuals with disabilities are particularly encouraged to apply.

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