• Educational philosophy: Whole person, liberal, multicultural education

    Decision 04-NQ/ĐU by the USSH’s Party Committee, issued 4 December 2015, for the first time indicates the educational philosophy of the USSH, VNU-HCM: whole person, liberal, multicultural education.

  • End of one-year commemoration of Nguyen Du

    250 years ago, Nguyen Du, one of the greatest Vietnamese talents, was borne in Thang Long, a land of the prolonged traditional culture.

  • Multicultural home at heart of SaiGon

    Next the cradle lulled the language is, how much boundless love mom gives/ To life stanzas gently lead me/ and shades of cranes’ wings in my dream I see/ the native language dad taught me/ Flying kites in the sunset are released/ And folk songs I sang with my buddies, through which I love my country.

  • Meeting Elizabeth_Town College

    On 19/05/2015, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Faculty of Social Work held an exchanging with Elizabeth Town College, USA at Dinh Tien Hoang Campus. The representatives from USSH includes Associate Dean of Social Work Faculty, Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, others officers and students. Representing Elizabeth Town College were scholar of Fulbright and Associate Professor Peggy McFarland 25 other lecturers and students.

  • Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano: "Socialize in Vietnam - from the point of Access"

    On 04/01/2015, Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano exchanges share research "Socialize in Vietnam, from the point of access", with more than 100 students of social work. Attending the meeting also had the presence of Dr. Do Hanh Nga - Dean of Social Work.