USSH – VNU-HCMC signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Beijing Foreign Studies University (China)

On November 10, 2016, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) to formalize partnership in student-exchange activities and joint training programs between the two universities. Signing the MOA were the USSH President Prof. Dr. Vo Van Sen and the BFSU Vice President Prof. Yan Guo Hua. 



Working session between leaders from USSH – VNU-HCMC and Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) - Photo: Thanh Tu


Along with Prof. Yan Guo Hua, attending the ceremony from the BFSU were Prof. Sun Xiao Meng, Dean of  School of Asian and African Studies, Mr. Gu-Jia Yun, Deputy Head of International Cooperation and Exchange Department, and Mr. Du Yu Qing, Researcher of Beijing Foreign Studies University.  



Representatives of USSH – VNU-HCMC at the meeting  - Photo: Thanh Tu


From the USSH host, Prof. Dr. Vo Van Sen were joined by Prof. Dr. Tran Thuy Vinh, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, Ms. Pham Thi Hong Hoa, Deputy Head of the Office of International Cooperation & Project Development, Ms. Nguyen Minh Thuy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Ms Van Kim Hoang Ha, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, and Dr. Do Thuy Ha of the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Vo Van Sen informed the BFSU delegation of the USSH’s educational and research programs as well as major achievements in the field of foreign language studies and literature. The President also greatly appreciated the collaboration proposals from the BFSU.

In response, Prof. Yan Guo Hua delivered a brief introduction about educational activities, organizational structure including institutes, schools, centers, and faculty/department, etc. He also expressed his desire for fostering exchange and collaboration with Vietnamese institutions, particularly USSH, VNU-HCMC. Prof. Yan Guo Hua accentuated that though the BFSU is not a major university in China, the university highly concentrates on training quality.


Prof. Yan Guo Hua, Vice President of the Beijing Foreign Studies University (second from the right) expressed his desire for fostering exchange and cooperation relationships with universities in Vietnam - Photo: Thanh Tu


Prof. Ph.D. Vo Van Sen warmly welcomed delegation from the BFSU to visit and work with the USSH, VNU-HCMC in the context of international cooperation and integration.

Besides, Prof. Dr. Vo Van Sen briefly introduced current status of the university’s students and staff exchange programs with various educational institutes, foreign centers, as well as local and international universities among others including Chinese universities, particularly BFSU.



MOA signing between the USSH, VNU-HCMC and the Beijing Foreign Studies University - Photo: Thanh Tu

At the MOA signing session, leaders of USSH, VNU-HCMC and Beijing Foreign Studies University discussed about deploying certain exchange activities and joint training programs. Both universities agreed upon upcoming projects, including exchange of students and lecturers through training and internship programs of Sino Literature, under-graduate and graduated education.

In addition, leaders from both universities expressed their confidence in collaboration relationships and promising support in diverse development and education spheres. That includes long-term, short-term student exchange programs, scholarships, training for research staffs in social sciences and humanities studies, foreign language, Vietnamese and Chinese literature, etc. The partnership also offers joint organizing workshops, seminars on education, international exchange and delivering foreign magazine’s articles.

In response to Prof. Yan Guo Hua’s invitation, Prof. Ph.D. Vo Van Sen thanked and showed his willingness to visit Beijing Foreign Studies University during his business trip to China in 2017.



Prof. Ph.D Vo Van Sen handover the university’s symbolic present to leader of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof. Yan Guo Hua - Photo: Thanh Tu



Prof. Yan Guo Hua, Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University presented the delegation’s symbolic gift to representative from USSH, VNU-HCMC - Photo: Thanh Tu



Group photo of all participants in the MOA signing ceremony between Beijing Foreign Studies University and USSH, VNU-HCMC - Photo: Thanh Tu

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