Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano: "Socialize in Vietnam - from the point of Access"

On 04/01/2015, Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano exchanges share research "Socialize in Vietnam, from the point of access", with more than 100 students of social work. Attending the meeting also had the presence of Dr. Do Hanh Nga - Dean of Social Work.

Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano is disabled, graduating Ph.D. at Tokyo in 2014. With the help Professor Lam and his affiliates, Dr had done research on the integration of disabled people in Vietnam from access point. 

In the meeting, Dr. share with the students about the purpose of the research is to build an environment where disabled people from the protected person to the independent person can integrate into society. Disabled people can walk, perform daily activities such as going to school, working, shopping, watching movies, ...

Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano share research "Socialize in Vietnam, from the point of access"

Dr. presented the perspective of Access in advanced countries in Northern Europe, America and Japan. Since then, Dr. emphasizes accessibility of disabled people in Vietnam. Through research, Dr. noticed the efforts of the Government of Vietnam when implementing accessibility issues such as participation in international forums, building law, WTO ... For public transportation, Vietnam has put to use the bus system have approached in three cities of Hanoi , Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh. At present, buses reach only used in Ho Chi Minh City. Through survey data, Dr. found people supported Vietnam disabled need a bus approached.
Dr. also share the experience of taking the bus in Ho Chi Minh City, visiting the Trade Center, tourist destinations in Vietnam, ...
During the session, Dr. posed the questions related about accessibility of disabled people in Vietnam. Social work students was active to share their views in the process of learning and disability support disabled people.

Social work students share opinion

Overview of student involvement exchange with Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano

End of the session, Dr. desire the students try to study and hand together so people understand more about reach. Student representative to the Faculty of social work thanks to Dr. spent time sharing research to students the opportunity to learn the practical experience of social work with disabled people.

Assoc Prof., Dr . Do Hanh Nga and social work students take photo with Dr. Toshiyuki Uwano

Article and photo: Đinh Văn Mãi
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